Why does CBD oil burn my throat? After holding it under my tongue for a few seconds it trickles down and burns my throat sometimes so badly it lasts for several hours

It could be due to a particular ingredient. Not all CBD oils have the same level of quality, purity and ingredients. In general, the pure, ‘Gold-grade’ CBD oil products usually have a pleasant taste. In contrast, the ‘raw’ extracts have a Green, earthy taste.

If you are taking CBD via the sublingual method, best practice is to keep the oil under your tongue for approx 60 seconds before swallowing. This will allow adequate time for the Cannabidiol to be absorbed by the sublingual gland.

Of course, some CBD products have a harsh taste which encourages the practice of washing down with liquid. In this scenario, be aware, this will bypass the sublingual gland and the CBD will pass through the digestive tract instead. This will result in a slightly lower rate of bioavailability.

Typically terpenes in the CBD can cause this. Not all blends include terpenes though. Terpenes also cause dry mouth . They are volatile aromatics that are beneficial to the body. Once you’ve allowed the oil to sit under the tongue for 30 sec-1min. Immediately take a sip of water and swish, allow the oil to dilute, then swallow. Follow with a bit more water and it should help.

CBD oil burns throat

Try a different brand. It is probably the additional elements in the product or the type of preparation of it.. Best to call the company and talk to customer service. Perhaps they will refund your purchase price. Curious to know if you had any benefit from taking the CBD oil. I did not, and wonder if there isn’t a lot of hype about the latest cure-all on the market.

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