Christmas Update[ Updated] – Restocked, Optimized payment methods and more

bulk hemp flower

bulk hemp flower

Delivery still available with Express service

Bulk hemp flower, You get noticed about the delivery issues in march. The mail offices were open but the international shipment was slow. More than 10 days was countable.Bulk hemp flower

Meanwhile, the international agencies are used to the actual situation and want to grant an even better delivery system than before. We do not know how long it will take to get the standard and product delivery to the normal sate. But it seems to take a little time. Especially to eastern, one of the main traffic times in the mail infrastructure. Regards, Eastern does 45 % of the total volume of mail deliveries. Beside it, there are more sent packages circulating because of the buying restrictions.

Just get safe with a Tracking ID. Orders above $150 are free. Even orders above $250 are able to get a free express delivery package!!!

Updated Live Supports, no Email Support

The internet is a wild area. That is the reason we quit our email support. We want personal and professional contact with everyone who is interested in hemp, related topics and products. There are really many requests daily. So please be patient to get a personal answer from us. 80 % of the cases we do not forget you. But it is okay to remind us politely. We are humans like you.


Bulk hemp flower Restocked Flowers and New Turbogenetics

Treasure valley farm has got a new partnership with Turbogenetics. A very talented Strain Breed Start-Up. They prepared about 1.000 strains and Treasure valley farm will cooperate to get these hyper varieties to life. Just follow from day to day the online shop and get the most possible well-developed chronics in Europe.

Updated Payment Solutions

Yes, we have updated the payments a little bit because of several misunderstandings between several payment providers. Just follow the instruction after an order and wait till your order will be sent. Easy without any problems.

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