Cannabis Club to Host Most Relaxed Event in the Metaverse

Hemp flower Austin

Hemp flower Austin

Hemp flower Austin, Metaverse stoners, the Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC), are throwing a huge ganja-themed party in Decentraland. The spectacular event will build up to the latest CCC drop, the arrival of the much-anticipated plant  reveal. Hemp flower Austin

However, the grandiose baked-bash will take place in the Vegas City skate park and will involve a whole host of weed-based shenanigans. With this in mind, 101 NFTokers will grace the venue, Decentraland wearables dropped to token holders, and 10 branded skateboards the subject of a giveaway. Additionally, a music score will provide a soundtrack of presumable reggae.

So, each NFToker holder will receive the equivalent digital weed plant. As an additional NFT asset, the plants will provide a breeding mechanic to the community as green-fingered hedonists compete to grow the best strains and trade the fruits of their labour on the open market.

Cannabis-themed celebrations will commence at 4:20PM UTC on September 9.

Join the party in Decentraland >> Here

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