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Berry Mix is an indoor product with high CBD content. This CBD strain stands for the highest quality and maximum berry flavor. Berry Mix was grown without pesticides and any other chemical additives. Our Cannabis Sativa flourishes in a greenhouse environment naturally. We just select perfect buds and dries it in perfection. Enjoy the berry taste and get your CBD flower now!

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CBD: 12.64 %
THC: < 0.39 %

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene

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500g, 2lb, 3lbs

33 reviews for Berry Mix Hemp Flower

  1. xx_salty

    Nice dark nugs, super sticky. Smoked it and got a very calming, sleepy effect. Definitely made the appetite go up. Loved it.

  2. Justinjdw93

    if you like a indica-dominant hybrid then this is a jewel. ofcourse everyone is different and I expect some others will have different experiences but for my own personally… this is an absolute beast strain.

  3. Corjo3

    Very relaxing and good body high; gives me a bit of anxiety at high doses. Overall, great feeling and relaxing


    Anxiety? We don’t her. This strain is magic. I’m convinced. There is something unearthly going on here because your anxiety (I’m talking your deep rooted, keep you up at night, avoid social media and large crowds at all costs type of anxiety) is gently removed with an aloe infused baby wipe

  5. MidnightRider68

    If you wanna blow through all the food in your house, try this.

  6. lim_Jahey19

    Definitely a nice hybrid, but does get me tired, calm and relaxed for three hours. Took a bit to kick in when I smoked it, but when it did it was good, always get it if my dispensary has it (sells out fast where I live)

  7. MadameGreen3988

    The epitome of chill….

  8. CavanCavan

    This strain starts with a slow build up into a heavy euphoria following with some classic indica relaxing effects. Great strain that I would recommend to anyone

  9. kley0

    Very interesting strain. Colors definitely changed, more yellow and green. I feel odd, but I think it’s about creative. I feel really focused on it.

  10. dazed_vaper

    Berry Mix is an energetic strain without causing anxiety/paranoia. I found myself to be more focused and confident in completing tasks at hand. Fruity aroma with peppery undertones. I’ve been on a peppery kick lately, and there’s enough there to satisfy.

  11. HeyMistaDJ

    Jack is one of my favorite tasting strains, especially when being vaporize. I tried truly’s crumble at 86.6% THC. I vaporized it using my rig and it was a wonderful experience, to say the least.

  12. LoganCrane

    300g Rythm disposable. This is a top 5 Sativa strain. I love the energy boost from this however dont care for the taste. Doesnt do much for my pain relief but does do the trick to get through the day.

  13. faisorokano

    This particular strain is a game changer for me. It boosts me up with energy, positive vibes and a full tank to get on with my day. I like that the effects are potent and effective, for me they are also long lasting and smooth.

  14. J250z

    Super energetic, happy, head high, I could focus and be functional and felt great. If I do a good amount I get really euphoric

  15. Will_2112

    I always try to have Jack in my medicine cabinet. I suffer from constant pain, which requires a need for almost constant medication. Jack Herer is one of my ‘wake and bake’ strains. An oven full in my PAX 2, and a strong cup of coffee

  16. weedmanicc

    Kind of nice

  17. Weedmaster13

    I used to suffer from depression after my mum died. And a friend recommended this for me. Works like magic. I had a couple of puffs and after less than 10 min I felt happy, energetic and more. I still use it now among other strains for recreational uses.

  18. 3catMatt

    Was on the want list of mine for a long time (Ltd selection due to state) definitely lives up to what I had hoped for!

  19. Kilgortrout

    Really great all all arounder. It is a keeper though!

  20. Cannabist904

    My favorite strain. Has actually opened me up to apple jack as an alternative! High activity, with no anxiety or social worries. 👍. Citrus, little hints of pine. Would not recommend for night time use!

  21. Deedeedina

    my favorite smoke!!

  22. Betitooo

    Used this strain everyday before the start of my college classes. Ended the semester with a 95% A.

  23. Kcondos93

    I love this strains flavor, and how I can read, even if I smoked!

  24. ajm3

    Updating previous review: got some at 26%… straight fire trulieve son!

  25. quirkybub

    This is my all time favorite strain! Nothing but positive effects for a nice cool down after a long day.

  26. Cheffsue

    I like this strain. Has a musty taste. Taste like I was vaping mold. I didn’t have as much energy as I had hoped. But I’m not relaxed. Was chatty. But I didn’t feel as focused.

  27. tdubbleyou

    One of my all time faves! Very euphoric and makes me feel energetic.

  28. Smart_Marq17

    This is my go to strain. After a long day a small joint of some Treasure Valley Farm will really hit the spot. I enjoy smoking, and I got good deals for the low. If you’re in need of a plug don’t be afraid to add my snap : smart_marq

  29. jaqc

    Couldn’t sleep, vaped some jack am not asleep as she’s a sativa, but am effectively in a better mood

  30. aeroman420

    goat. sativa leaning but balanced. run it back

  31. kaeleesings

    As a beginner I’m new to trying out different strains but I really enjoy this one. It definitely helps with my stress, anxiety, and depression.

  32. Mbebout

    first medical strain I ever had. definitely great!

  33. Sir_Smokes_alot

    The best

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