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The true genetic is not known. There a few theories like the ChemDawg x Lemon Thai crossing.

But in the end, the origin cannot be completely resolved. Within time OG Kush has changed in several own batches and cultivations.

There are more mysteries about OG Kush. At example the meaning of OG;

Many people believe that it means “Original Gangster”.

But today scientist are agreed now. The origin is “Ocean Grown”.

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The famous classic from Florida is back.. Wholesale CBD flower

Cultivated in the early 90s. A hybrid with a unique terpene profile. A complex aroma of spice, Kush, and a note of forest gum.

OG Kush CBD was invented to bring the classic OG Kush back in a legal way. Cannabis CBD flower for sale.

Almost every hemp enthusiast knows this decent and stable strain. Loved for his smell and effects.

Like the original, it should be strong enough to not only compete with the other varieties out there. It should top them optically especially with the sea of trichomes. It is looking like medical marijuana. Perfectly Indoor grown, dried, and cut. Cannabis CBD Flower for sale

If you want a CBD variety with strong CBD to eventually to support medical therapies or other serious matters, do not hesitate to try OG Kush CBD. wholesale cbd flower

CBD: 22.41 %
THC: < 0.2 %

Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool, Myrcene

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14 reviews for OG Kush Hemp Flower

  1. Incognitoburrito

    Beautiful light green bud with prominent calyxes. OG Kush CBD Hemp Flower is great for socializing, productivity and focusing. This strain keeps me down to earth and helps me prioritize my thoughts, rather than them being all over the place as per usual

  2. Smitch_Miller

    great for c-PTSD. it is very happiness inducing.

  3. Ash83

    I have anxiety and depression and a lot of the strains that help everyone else gives me major panic attacks. not Jack herer. keeps me at a mellow happy. totally can function on this strain. I’m just not chatty while high.

  4. Soren.kurth

    Energy. Energy. Energy. You will not fall asleep on this. I was able to stay up having fun and talking to people without being over the top stoned. Very lovely even for an indica lover like myself.

  5. k8silvestro

    vaping OG Kush has been a life-changer! nothing but gratitude!

  6. Newby70

    Solid productive day Sativa that works well in a variety of situations. Not a top 10 but it’s solid.

  7. Diz.wrld

    earthy, lemon-y, with beautiful buds. gets you super high after just a couple hits. clean smoke

  8. Poopdealer42069

    This moonrock clear Jack Herer has me smacked rn. Strong high. Kinda feels more like a hybrid to me, but I’d rate 420/420 starts

  9. Medicaldolphin

    One of my favorite morning strains. Usually my goto vape cart as well. Uplifting and energizing with just a touch of daze to it.

  10. Bigosorious

    Nice bruh

  11. jamespmichie95

    Smooth and easy going makes me uplifted and happy! Great for getting in the mood to do errands or focus on some gaming!

  12. TScar001

    My go to all day work/creativity strain!

  13. FluidTV

    It’s not a bad strain imo however I would often find myself using this strain as something to mix with other strains. Not bad overall

  14. RML3

    I am an Indica head to the core but this one Sativa is always in my top 5 favs of all time. First tried it in AMS at GreenHouse Centrum and got on a tram and lost my way all day on purpose just to enjoy whatever came my way.

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