Charlotte’s Web Hemp flower

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Order Charlottes  web in  Australia From Treasure Valley Farm

Charlotte’s Web ist a hemp variety with approximate 17 % percent CBD. In return, the THC Level is under 0,2 percent. That is the reason why this hemp flower is certified for whole Europe and many other countries. Charlotte’s Web was created to produce efficiently CBD oil. Better known as “Alepsia” or “Realm Oil”. This oil was used to treat epilepsy like the Dravet-Syndrom.



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Order Charlottes  web in  Australia From Treasure Valley Farm– The most Fortile CBD Variety in Hemp store TNhemp flower buds for sale

CBD hemp flower

CBD: 14,07 %hemp flower
THC: < 0.2 %
Terpenes: Myrcene, Humulene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinenehemp flower

Controlling the THC limits is guaranteed by several independent laboratories in Europe.

Every CBD Hemp Flower contains natural CBD without psychoactive effects. Charlotte’s Web has several cannabinoids and other terpenes. The Bud ripes because of a slow fermentation while drying. For a maximum taste. And for a maximum smell. Hemp flower buds for sale

Enjoy the pure soul of Cannabis without any risk. Explore the benefits of CBD.

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63 reviews for Charlotte’s Web Hemp flower

  1. FeistyCharlie

    Long time smoker, medical patient. Diagnosed with panic disorder, anxiety, chronic intractable physical pain. This strain is the first I’ve found that checks all the boxes. Pain relief, instant mood lift, slight tingling/euphoria in legs

  2. Madmex82


  3. booterboy

    Just took a few snaps w this, it’s fucking nice! I’m so relaxed and happy. Was feeling depressed during work, but this whips it all away. This strain is also very smooth on the throat and lungs. I have a cold rn and it doesn’t even hurt to smoke a bowl. Very nice.

  4. weazal

    Pretty quick, stimulating, and uplifting in the head. Eyes widen and thoughts perk up like caffeine, but without uncomfortable raciness. In fact, it’s the opposite; there’s a physical streak of soothing contentedness that’s extremely pleasurable. Not unlike the body high from LSD

  5. Bailsmokesgasonly

    Charlotte’s Web I’m smoking on This is some super gas I feel bad for anyone who isn’t smoking this

  6. BudZmokr

    Beautiful Flower, Great tasting, Awesome high. Top notch all around.

  7. mrbudtender2

    Awesome bud got it at GreenLight Despensery here in Helena West Helena Ar Great store great people compassion is the word this bud mellows relaxes more for me night time bud, peace stay cool, Mike ✌✌💨💨

  8. Donald420Trump

    Nice uplifting and euphoric high. 🌿🌿🌿🌿 4 out 5 trees. Peace, 420TRUMP.
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  9. Soren.kurth

    Got this in a can from a Cali dispensary and oh my lord! This is my 2nd favorite strain right below Gelato 45 (Mochi Gelato). Great sedative effects and great euphoria just like any strong indica dominant hybrid should

  10. SocklessDude

    Tried it after reading the reviews. Really did not like the flavor. After the first hit, struggled to keep smoking it. The effects were not enough for me to want to keep it around. First time I flush weed down toilet.

  11. riced1980

    Just grabbed some live resin from RYTHM and it’s wonderful. I love Indicas, but Jack is my new morning cup o’ tea.

  12. Rachelhaskins12

    This is the best ever

  13. highteahh

    I have a cartridge that has this strain in it & I love it. It’s more a focusing mind high than anything else, definitely recommend

  14. Dmjr

    Did this with my fiancé… no joke I was looking at him and kept seeing like a cartoon so I grabbed a pencil and paper and started drawing this crazy cartoon

  15. adamkennedykt

    This is a hallmark Sativa, perfect for early morning and mid-day administration. Despite being such a strong Sativa, the strain did not make my anxiety worse.

  16. Sergu

    The first good strain after having several not so good ones so I may be biased. Decent effects. Not too sleepy. I was pleasantly surprised.

  17. Akaite47

    I laughed at my husband taking out the trash for 5 minutes… nuff ‘ said

  18. Lizbeth_852

    Definitely has a strong taste of pine. Pretty focused. Music sounds pretty great.

  19. Mdrego

    Great strain. You are active but definitely feel high.

  20. Warren_Puffit

    JH is my go-to morning strain, and I’m thankful that my FL dispensary usually has it in stock. After I’ve ripped a bowlful or three of this strain I’m primed and ready to bust through my daily chores nonstop until completion,

  21. Dr_Dro

    Treasure Valley Farm, a true classic. For me this is the perfect pre-hike strain. It makes you just stoned enough to get lost in and appreciate your surroundings, but still be completely functional. Zero paranoia, instead it makes me talkative and confident.

  22. kagroves

    This is my go-to strain for a wake and bake. I like to sit in the morning, drink my Monster Energy, watch the news or read my scriptures, and vape a little Jack. I feel incredibly focused and energized, and since my days are usually very long, I will take a small mid-day hit,

  23. Sosamann

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  24. Ohkayrebecca

    Great sativa, nice and piney turpenes.

  25. MarHoll321

    This is one of my favourites! Uplifting and energetic high. Good for depression. Sometimes I vape this with Durban Poison. The giggles start 2 hours after.

  26. LibraryStaff

    Took one toke, waited 10 minutes and then wrote this review for myself to be able to reflect up on later. I’m a newbie with a doobie. Light breezy feeling, thwerth a wind on my face.

  27. cashford4ever

    Found this strain at Reef, in Las Vegas Nv. great strain, gave me good mental clarity, and head focus. I dont recall having a body high, but I definitely felt better after smoking a half gram in a juicy j tropical passion hemp wrap. different flavor I’ve never experienced before

  28. Cactusfairy

    might be my second review. tastes like a big kiss of pine with a tiny fart of gasoline. at t30 the sativa side is strong..very aware, euphoric but not too much.

  29. Evil_Hemperor

    This is a great earthy strain that comes with an excellent head high. I feel energized and focused. Certainly a potent strain.

  30. 360VegasMark

    My favorite, default strain. I can stay clear headed and continue to work while helping me deal with anxiety. Its creativity supports a healthy outlet that helps to stave off depression but can drive up anxiety when ambition exceeds capability.

  31. Santiagodent

    Tastes decently good, but seemed to lack potency in my case. Took quite a few hits from an Alpine cart to feel it.

  32. Psybelle

    The answer to my ADHD/Anxiety PRAYERS. I am finally experiencing…happiness. Joy. Content. I’m concentrating! I’m okay! Life is okay! SMOKE JACK

  33. LucaMantin

    This strain killed me. And I love it.

  34. Stardust41020

    Cartridge: I have severe inattentive ADHD, bipolar, and anxiety (I’m the girl everyone warns you about *cackle). I’ve lived with them for 45 years. That has made me the awesome person I am, however, every day is HARD, even when doing nothing.

  35. fistoblastero

    I was told JH was a great, if not the greatest, strain for those of us with anxiety. For me, it did not score 5/% on that, rather 3/5. However. It’s a class act of a strain. It mellows you out and puts a smile on your face. You ease into a very balanced, almost sophisticated rush

  36. ChrisRLA

    The energy it brings is fantastic. Although it made me feel a bit jittery. I didn’t have any anxiety or nervousness. I did feel happy and uplifted but also a little brainless at times. I typically use during the day so I found it a bit too energetic for me. Could be fun in group events or parties.

  37. faisorokano

    This particular strain is a game changer for me. It boosts me up with energy, positive vibes and a full tank to get on with my day. I like that the effects are potent and effective, for me they are also long lasting and smooth.

  38. Lafond253

    this taste exactly how it smells! sativa based weed that is very tasty. has a good high to it as well. very uplifting.

  39. Cristty44

    Makes me happy I love this strain

  40. shoreyourtyler

    phenomenal sativa strain, especially in this pax pod from Papa’s Herb. super cerebral! nice mild familiar taste.

  41. M0249405

    Very calming and great taste. It’s my go to strain in the am..

  42. eldergoon

    frosty sativa very energetic but compulsive smoke.

  43. danyellgg

    I’m so glad I tried this on a whim, I was having severe anxiety with my family here for the holidays and Charlotte’s Web kept me in good spirits and happy! It’s a little harder hitting on the throat but I’m still new to smoking.

  44. talya.donnielle

    Very pleasant daytime strain. Uplifting without being overly energizing. Amazing for daytime focus and anti anxiety. I’m a believer! I do seem to experience heavy eyes from the strong cerebral euphoria.

  45. Djh0mer

    Charlotte’s Web is always gas! It has that gas smell and those neon orange hairs on that beautiful light green bud. I’m an indica guy, I always have been and always will be…….but Charlotte’s Web is some of the best bud I’ve ever smoked

  46. aeroman420

    Good quality sativa hybrid!

  47. Callesta

    a lot of dry mouth but i felt good.

  48. Mojotokin

    Had to try the famous Charlotte’s Web and finally got the chance. . Definitely the best looking flower I have ever received from any dispensary.

  49. avvoided

    i am very bery very high

  50. HazeOG

    Nice high. Not that bad at all, but it was less than I expected. Don’t know if it’s a negative, because it makes it a strain you could use for wake and bake. Relaxing sativa high, which makes you talkative in a comfortable way.

  51. Mellyons

    He’s my main man!❤

  52. Logoon420

    This is my favorite strain. A lot of people don’t really think of Charlotte’s Web as their favorite or one of them, but for me it’s my favorite mostly bc of the aroma and taste but the effects makes it even better.

  53. FlowerGirl924

    These Fluffy Buds Are Sure To Take You To Lala Land. Better Yet, Put On Some 90’s Gangsta Rap And Really Tap Into Your Inner OG With This Charlotte’s Web I Want To Talk To Everyone…About Everything. I Just Cleaned My House. Of Course Cleaning Is A Normal And Regular Part Of Our Day,

  54. Mfinkelstein

    Defiantly a great strain to end a stressful day.

  55. Dahulk1998

    I was feeling god headbuzz at first, but then after 5-10 minutes I melted in the couch. The smell is incredible, the aroma is beautiful and the bud look incredible 10/10 easy.

  56. ChocolateMongoloid

    Honestly, one of the best experiences yet!

  57. BrianStrainExplorer

    Flat out my favorite of all time. Dark w dark red hairs. Nice heavy experience. Favorite strain of all time RN

  58. Joey482

    Vaporized this strain and was very powerful. Made me stoned, with very heavy and red eyes but also very euphoric and in my own world. Pretty intense overall, definitely gave me a severe case of the munchies.

  59. Justchilli

    It is a classic, first strain I ever tried and I still grab some whenever I can.

  60. BolandDrummer

    CW when and if you can find the real deal, is my favorite strain out there. It’s hard to beat this 50/50 hybrid; if you’re up, it keeps you up, and if you’re tired it’ll likely push you over the edge

  61. hthomp713

    This strain helped me a lot with my mood swings, a little with pain but mostly helped me mentally.

  62. Rxman661

    I have been smoking since the 60 never went by name to cannabis we just smoked it sometimes we got Indica and sometimes we get sativa but sometimes we didn’t even get high from bad shit but I smoke this weed and it made be eventually fall asleep much OG kush made me get into some music

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