Sour Apple CBD Flower

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Cheapest cbd hemp flower online

The Buds of Sour Apple CBD are grown with maximum Know-How. After the gently fermentation, the Buds will be packed airtight. For a perfekt Sour Apple Taste. Our buds stands for 100 % best hemp. Accordingly this product does not contain any tobacco.

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Maximum Sour Apple Taste in every Flower

Cheapest cbd hemp flower online

Sour Apple was made of pure Cannabis Sativa L. Without any seeds! wholesale hemp flowers Europe

The hemp flowers are from certified and controlled biologically of the EU Variety Catalogue.

The grow is untreated. Without any pesticides and herbicides.

CBD: 15.78 %
THC: < 0.2 %wholesale hemp flowers Europe

Terpenes: Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene


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500g, 2lb, 3lbs

32 reviews for Sour Apple CBD Flower

  1. GodfatherAlex

    his strain really helps me focus, I love indicas and this bud really takes the cake. It tastes the best in my opinion in a cone

  2. Puffpuffgive503

    I loved this stuff .. smells amazing , gives us the happy , chill high .. takes me back to when I first would blaze it .. happy times

  3. seanmkarlyn

    smooth, classic GSC hybrid

  4. gunnco

    Yes it’s a nice smoke. I have been smoking daily for 30yrs. I just want to get as high as I did when I was 14. Legal cannabis in Canada is too expensive. My dealer is happy!

  5. JayDaKing

    One of my favs 😎 Pre-Pull had a sweet vanilla ice cream taste . Really Relaxing , but didn’t make me sleepy! Great for going out & remaining euphoric.

  6. deidre26

    really earthy taste which is cool if ur into that, but not me personally. this stuff looks WILD as the hairs are super thick an orange , along with the light purple buds flecked throughout each nug!!

  7. youngjefe45

    Pure pressure smells and tastes great very potent

  8. 1kushking

    Firm dark green & purple buds with fire orange hairs & plenty of trichomes. The sweet, fruity, & citrus smell & taste made me uplifted, happy, & relaxed. My Hybrid was by Viola & contained 21% THC. Good stuff here, Happy Sedation!

  9. BigDikBilly

    This smells like a mid summers night dream and ice cream

  10. payback12

    Beautiful Flower, an amazing strain.

  11. Sour Apple

    Sour Apple is a strand that I ought to seek just because of the euphoric high is in the smell that this strain gives out when burnt .The punch at citrus the fruity Rose RAW flavor and taste of this bud was amazing to me. Highly recommend

  12. williams1276

    This is a very beautiful flower with great flaver,one of the best plants i ever grew

  13. BuyBitcoin

    Number 1 favorite strain. Seriously, this is really all i want/ need. i have a few others that i like that are just OK, this right here…perfect day time, perfect evening (i don’t use it to go to sleep). it is a definite energy boost

  14. Jesus_2018

    I am a little ver of indicas but needed sativa to stay active. Since dabbling in sativa, I ran across Jack Herer. I heard the hype and I was excited to finally get the opportunity. It did not give me the jolt of energy,

  15. Webbash

    By far my favorite, love the energy I get from it.

  16. Superman89

    awesome morning with coffee strain. strong sativa dominant hybrid. energizing and focusing .

  17. elang5

    High report after a long hiatus (I love this strain): I don’t usually smoke joints but there’s a super high quality preroll so why not? Coughed like a motherfucker. Wow; this is super stony right off the bat. Eyes heavy, body pulsating. Good shit. I was expecting energy though…

  18. xenm

    I’m a sativa/hybrid type of person and for some reason this strain makes me sleepy and tired, it doesn’t make me feel focused or energized, kinda disappointed :/

  19. MizzMajor

    Not impressed, especially because it was ridden with seeds. I haven’t seen seeds in over a decade. I was/am highly disappointed.

  20. romanceallover

    With adhd I don’t smoke a lot of Sativas. I just tried this in shatter form. It definitely put me in a talkative mood. Smoking almost daily for 40 years and this gets me a nice high with a couple of hits.

  21. PeaceHugs75

    Sour Apple CBD Hemp Bud gives me a waking high. It is more mellow than, say, Sour Diesel. Also somewhat less energetic. For me, Sour Apple CBD Hemp Bud is perfect for a wake-and-bake into a relaxed day.

  22. zukkmix

    Love this strain with her unusual flavor & smell !!! 💜🤟🏻

  23. jdsappraiser

    I think this strain makes me feel highly engaged, even on an emotional level. I am super productive but also crash after initial onset and feel like sleeping for hours. My reaction to most sativa strains are like most ppls reactions to indica strains.

  24. Chfwiggem

    Piney – tasty Head high feeling – not bad

  25. DrPerkele

    A really good mid-range sativa if you want a good mood. Of a few strains we tried, this was one of the better ones, and a classic for sure.

  26. jtagg

    Good shit

  27. Gorgeeus

    New mmj patient here, I have found Jack to be my least favorite.

  28. CWhims420

    Great go to sativa

  29. AlexIQ

    gave me a massive headache.

  30. Magaroam

    Just tried it for the first time and was not disappointed at all! Definitely try it if you get the opportunity. It does taste like dirty cardboard but boy is it good!

  31. Krisden

    Decent high. Definitely a sativa, kept me focused more so than tired.

  32. 4fevriers

    tried this in an oil recently and vaped the whole cartridge in a few days. it’s not my favorite high, but it’s definitely one that is decent to smoke throughout the day.

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