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Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is a CBD powerhouse topping 20% CBD and less than 0.3% delta-9-THC. This strain also boasts high levels of the anti-inflammatory terpene myrcene. Wholesale Hemp Flower. The unique tastes and aromas of Sour Space Candy hemp flower come from its parent strains Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry (ERB).

ERB brings in strong sweet berry on top of Sour Tsunami’s fruit and citrus aromas to create the sweet, fruity, and herbal Sour Space Candy hemp strain. Some have compared its aroma to sweet and sour candies. Sour Space Candy CBD near me

The dense multicolored buds of Sour Space Candy hemp flower has beautiful tones of purple, green, and orange. The Sour Space Candy hemp strain can contain seeds, but despite that has become wildly popular for its sweet flavors, sticky resinous buds, and high CBD content.

As long as you are consuming responsibly, Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is good for relaxing day or night. Reviewers love Sour Space Candy hemp buds for the mellow effects and big flavors.

5 reviews for Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

  1. Benjamin M.

    Treasure valley farm sells great products and have a speedy delivery service.
    I find that CBD really helps with endometriosis and anxiety issues.
    I highly recommend buying from here.

  2. George M.

    The leading company in it’s feild! Always a top quality product with fast delivery

  3. Silo bagain

    excellent quality! Sour space candy, the best around I’ve tried so far! On my 3rd purchase and I’m not mad about it! If your looking for high quality! This is the one! 💯💯💯😉👌

  4. Noreen Yang

    Great quality product, great service and super speedy delivery

  5. Tima Arnold

    Great hemp buds, taste Great, smells like the real thing and best of all helps with quiting THC, Anxiety, stress and other pain related issues. 5 stars all round

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