Super Lemon Haze CBD Flower

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The original Super Lemon Haze as a CBD Rework!

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This new Strain is literally the very first CBD variety with high CBD plants crossed with the lowest THC containing ever in Europe.

A new CBD Strain, with mostly Sativa genetically, with the lowest THC in history.

The original Super Lemon Haze has won two times the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup, one time the IC40 Growers Cup und four times in total the High Times Cannabis Cups. This strain is mainstream now because of movies and music videos.

Super Leon Haze crossed with our CBD plants. For a real Super Lemon Haze taste with more CBD than THC.

CBD: 18.71 %
THC: < 0,09 %

Terpenes: Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Pinene

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500g, 2lb, 3lbs

10 reviews for Super Lemon Haze CBD Flower

  1. Montagnard

    One of our favorites. Happiness and focus. Dry, spicy and woody. Goes well with quality foods (Spanish tapas) and mineral spring water in crystal glasses. Do not go crazy with sugars. Jazz, Blues, house and techno are the deal but keep experimenting and share. Montagnard.

  2. morgannechris

    Lemon? Why don’t more people think this tastes like blueberry waffles? Haha. But earthy, like a cabin in the woods 🤗 Pleasant. Relaxing. Not as “effective” as a sativa as I was hoping for but I enjoyed it in the evenings. Lovely taste. May get more for this alone.

  3. Grateful_Dad

    Acquired from Trulieve Florida in flower form. I’m pretty sensitive to Sativas as they can make me anxious and paranoid. I’ve had several different batches and they are consistent. Jack doesn’t hit me of much of a Sativa

  4. grilled_cheesey

    Super Lemon Haze is definitely very stimulating, which can be bad and good. I find it really helps me finish chores around the house, but as soon as I finish those chores and have nothing to do, the focus goes to my anxiety instead.

  5. MoonKisser

    Great strain for keeping going and put your mind at ease.

  6. shotgunsusie

    Taste is very flavorful. High is uplifting and enjoyable. One of my new favorite strains for an old established namesake

  7. Shadow_wolves83

    This is an amazing sativa strain ! 👌🏽

  8. gigi.napps

    Smells like orange peels it’s amazing

  9. mpdocala

    My morning go too. I’m officially off all pain medication! So sorry pharmaceutical companies so sad 2 take away your Revenue LOL

  10. thisismyleaflyname

    I was really excited to try this strain because of all the positive experiences I’ve heard about. This didn’t do anything at all for me except add some agitation and depression. I’ve tried it on multiple occasions and it has continually shown the same outcome.

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