Treasure Valley Farm Update and Wholesale Start!


We have changed several things till the last update. At first we want to say that we are working every day to better the service experiences.

Our biggest problem was the orders without tracking ids. They arrived in two till three month and were not able to give any informations. This lead us to change our whole delivery system.

We only send with DHL Express and TNT now. Our wholesale costumer have even the possibility to get a 24h deliver (lately 48 hour) guaranteed.

In any case contact our support and get your reply. Even in this days we get very much requests daily. Wholesaler have the best condition to get a faster reply.

What do we offer in our Wholesale?

We provide hemp seeds and CBD flowers in bulk. The varieties there are changing all the time. So you will get exclusive varieties only as wholesale from us.

Even the seeds are superior and hybrid of hybrids (Turbogenetics). We are not able to give grow advices but we work on support for individual consulting.


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